Habitual Child Molster Actor Cast In Non Child Molesting Role

This is an outrage. I don't know if you know this guy, Eric Stoltz, but I've never seen him play a role in a movie or TV show that didn't, in some way, find him molesting children or being an accomplice to a similar act. There are at least ten episodes of both Law & Order and E.R. in which Mr. Stoltz was seen to be running a child pornography ring or having sex with three-year-olds or something, and he was the famously gross Child Molester Dad in The Butterfly Effect.

Now, apparently, some lame show on SyFy (or SciFi, for those of us born prior to 2008) has the gall, the nerve, to cast Eric Stoltz in a cop show... where he's a cop, and not a child molester! There had better be a plot twist where he turns out to be a child molesting cop, because if not, this is in clear violation of my previously declared law about how some actors just shouldn't ever be allowed to break out of their archetype role, no matter how hard they try. Like Newman trying to lose weight--preposterous.

This is a short post, and in no way related to Christmas, which it almost is, so sorry about that. I just had to get this out of my system. *deep, furious exhale*

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j.wojan said...

I too have noticed this trend. But I have noted that he's not exactly cast as a child molester but a sexual deviant.
ie: forcing Shannyn Sossamon to preform deeds to him to earn an A. And a delightful little indie film I turned on this weekend while watching TV with my brother and waiting for AD to come on, where all of a sudden, we see Eric Stolz, on a beach, full frontal nudity, and his father, carrying a tuba, saying, "Everything will be alright."
Well, Mr. Stolz, everything is NOT alright.