A sizable portion of my financial aid refund will be spent ironically

It just hit me that at least 25% of the total money I've spent in the last year was spent on things that I only like because they're stupid. This includes movies starring David Bowie, a ton of junk from the dollar store, weird products with broken English on the box, and posters of Speed Racer and the Brady Bunch. My next intended purchase is a Crossfire board game, because the other night I was thinking that even though I'm not a huge drinking aficionado, I would totally go to every party within 50 miles of me that had Beer Crossfire.

I think I've always tended to dump a lot of money into inadvertent comedy because, in my opinion, it's the purest, best kind of funny. Steven King movies like Sleepwalkers and The Langoliers are easily, easily more laugh worthy than many intentionally funny movies of the modern day, and I challenge you to find even one person on earth who doesn't wish Billy Mays did birthday parties. I don't even mind the fact that because of all this hilarious stuff in my apartment and car, I probably won't be able to afford more than one meal a day for the next couple of months. It's worth it.

I guess there might someday come a day when I'll no longer be amused by horrible acting and old '90s commercials, but until that day arrives, I'll be drooling over the Wikipedia page for the Found Footage Festival.

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